Who Are We?

Who Are We?

We are part of a vast network of medical marijuana businesses. We help facilitate the evaluations process by helping patients get in contact with medical cannabis clinics. Their low cost Florida MJ doctors provide reliable alternative treatment exploration and are experts in qualifying patients for medicinal cannabis.
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Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Florida

Although Marijuana is still illegal in the United States, a majority of states have legalized cannabis for medical purposes, and others have licensed it for recreational purposes. Medical marijuana industry in Florida is booming due to the passage of Charlotte’s web bill in November. Despite that, all is not a smooth sail; there are areas that are not well understood as to which patients qualify to take medical marijuana. The government of Florida has distributed an official list of the medical condition which medical marijuana is deemed applicable for treatment. These conditions are listed below.

List of Qualifying Medical Marijuana Conditions:

  1. Glaucoma (This is damage to the optic nerve leading to irreversible vision loss.)
  2. Cancer
  3. Parkinson’s disease
  5. Hepatitis
  6. Sclerosis

The Rights to Grow the Weed

As of now, according to the Florida medical marijuana law, you cannot grow your own marijuana. All patients are required to get their medication from a medical marijuana dispensary that has been authorized by the state. Thankfully, such dispensaries are plenty in Miami.

Where Can One Get Medical Marijuana In Florida?

Once you have been permitted to use medical marijuana, you will need to know where to get it from. Currently, the only place you can easily get the drug is from registered medical marijuana dispensary but first you have to get licensed. You can visit a Tampa marijuana clinic to do this. It is believed that Miami is going to have the utmost number of dispensaries, and many more in the nearby locations also. This is evident by the number of Miami marijuana clinics. However, you must to take time to make a decision before selecting one. With the endorsement of a physician, a licensed patient can easily acquire a medical marijuana card to assist them to visit a dispensary and buy medical marijuana products precisely intended for patients.

Although not all the dispensaries in Florida will have medical marijuana products, it is wise to ensure that your dispensary of choice keeps that product always. This case also applies to all other Florida medical marijuana products, like edibles, ointments, and oils.

In case you change your dispensary, you are required to notify the Health department 2 weeks prior to making the switch to ensure that your certification is changed to the new location.

Unlike other states that have legalized medical marijuana, and can only sell the drug on the listed conditions only, Florida uses the broad spectrum approach, this means even if your condition is not listed on the state’s roster, there is still a probability that you can use medical marijuana to manage it, provided your doctor accepts the choice and will write you a prescription. All you will be required to do is apply for a license with the Florida Health Department and then choose a dispensary where you will be collecting your medical marijuana.

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